Wi-Fi Installation for your Home

Installing Wi-Fi in your Home

Our Ubiquiti UniFi wireless network solutions extend the reach of the traditional single Wifi signal supplied via the router supplied by BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and the like, to a Wifi system that will cover your whole home regardless of the property size construction or shape and deliver increased stability and roam-ability within the desired environment.

Elecomms achieves this by installing multiple Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points throughout the property and setting them all to appear as one unified Wifi network, so as you move from one room to another your devices for example iPhone, iPad or laptop automatically logon to the strongest Wifi signal in that area in the same way a mobile phone does as you go about your daily business outside your home.

The Ubiquiti UniFi wireless access points be can configured to run several Wifi networks for example one for the family which is secure so, all your families music and photos etc. are available to all the family members and are safe and secure for your use solely and have a separate Wifi network that is wholly isolated from your home network for your guests to use that will only give them access to the internet so keeping your private information private.

Ironically, for your wireless network to operate flawlessly the wireless access points will need to be hard-wired back to the main router location in the house.

Our trained & experienced engineers will work with you to build a network that meets all of your requirements. The network design will also take into account your existing network if you have one and your network security requirements and wherever possible future system demands.

Once a Ubiquiti UniFi system is in place it needs management and maintenance. With improvements in technology, growth in your needs may change over time. We pride ourselves on our reactiveness, responding quickly to changes in the technology sector and how the world does business which means we can deliver you the latest, most advanced products and services in this area.  With the current pace at which modern technology changes the demand for Wifi access and networking has increased dramatically.

Whether you have a house with a dedicated home office or simply have to provide for your family’s insatiable appetite for a seamless continuous Internet connection – it’s vital to ensure you have a reliable, robust and secure network.

New technologies such as 4K TV, UHD picture Sky-Q or Streamed OnDemand TV services with sound and increasingly large digital file transfer across multiple devices places increasing demands on our home networks. Therefore, it is essential that your network has the bandwidth and resilience to ensure the efficient running of your property or premises

All Elecomms workmanship is guaranteed, and all hardware comes with individual UK warranties. Our support and maintenance packages mean we are always on hand to keep you connected 24/7. We offer yearly or ad-hoc contracts for support and maintenance suitable for all budgets and personalized to your requirements.

We’ll provide on-site and remote maintenance, advice, and upgrade assistance for software, and hardware replacements for out-of-date, faulty or damaged equipment as standard.

Elecomms provides telephone and email support 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday whenever if you need it.

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If you want a professional system installed then Elecomms have the expertise and I would recommend calling them and getting a quote.

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