Mr B Ball, Kent

My initial experience was not good with continual problems resulting from the initial installation company.  

I was then recommended to use Elecomms by a friend so after a brief and reassuring chat the Robert I asked him to sort this out the system issues which they did very efficiently and effectively.

Therefore, when I considered adding CCTV to the system I knew who to call on as I have a good ongoing relationship with Elecomms and needless to say I've been very happy with there work thus-far.  

Any queries have been answered with a phone call and advice has always been good and unbiased.  

If you want a professional system installed then Elecomms have the expertise and I would recommend calling them and getting a quote.

Mr B.Ball
In the beginning I required a system to channel TV, Data and Telephone throughout the house and also a granny annex.

I wanted the ability to communicate internally as well being able to plug in a TV, computer and telephone wherever required.