Business CCTV Installation

Elecomms are experienced in providing and installing CCTV systems to business premises.

We have supplied systems for many shops, pubs, offices, factories and hotels over the years.  Elecomms have links with major UK security distributors in the UK and are able to tailor a system to your company's requirements and budget.

Progress advances very quickly in the field of CCTV electronics and will supply the most appropriateable solutions to suit your needs. We offer a variety of systems whether overt or covert. indoor or outdoor, static or PTZ. Remotely monitored, we can supply and install whatever is required for your environment. These systems can use motion detection technology, to trigger alarms and record activity; this enables the user to save disk space and cuts viewing time when reviewing event footage or the NVR /DVRr can be set to continuously record to its internal hard drive. The output can offer a range of spilt screens or you can select one camera on full screen.

The each NVR or DVR unit has a Ethernet port allowing you to plug it into your exsiting LAN data network and the CCTV systen can then be controlled using its web based software console. A software tool is provided with the CCTV system allowing access to the cameras from any computer screen in the office or iPhone, iPad etc or an Android Device or anywhere in the world using secure internet software with unique rights of access security

Elecomms also suppy all the Data Compliance Kit for CCTV Schemes This kit is designed for any commercial property owner with a CCTV system installed and includes 'Who Is Watching Me' signage and entry on to the website database to log your system details. Members of the public and your staff can then use the unique reference pre-printed on your signage to "look up" your designated contact details, as is required by the Data Protection Act 1998. This ensures your company is operating within UK law regarding your CCTV system.