Data Cabling for your Home

Installing Data Cables in your Home

Elecomms has a proven track record of delivering high end household structured wiring solutions for the “smart home”.  Elecomms data services takes you from initial design though to neatly and discreetly installing the cabling to final testing and deployment of the network with all the kit needed to run the completed network we will then configure the system to run in the best and most efficient way it can to suit your households’ requirements.

Ethernet Network Overview

Rooms Ends: –
Each single gang room outlet contains two Cat5e or Cat6 cables each terminated with an RJ45 “Ethernet” module, typically one module can be used for telephone and one module for data/internet.     Using RJ45 outlets throughout the home provides you with total flexibility so that any outlet can be used for voice/data, audio/video and so much more as required.

Data Hub End: –
Cat5e or Cat6 cables run to and from a single; central point in the house known as the HUB this is usually a 9U, 12U or 15U lockable server cabinet usualy located in a home office, Garage, loft or other convenient location in the house.  The cabinet houses every aspect of the network including all the room data cable ends terminated on a patching panel.  Located in the hub as well are the Ethernet hub switch, broadband router and any other centrally located Ethernet networks attached equipment’s you may require for example a CCTV NVR/DVR, NAS drive, Time Capsule storage or backup drives, Hive or Nest hubs for heating and lighting control and the like the incoming telephone services should also be located in the hub area for easy integration into the network and the same for Broadband Modem/Router this is also best located in or near the hub cabinet this is so it is much easier to both maintain and upgrade the systems in the future if needed.

Once we have initially setup the system it is very strait forward for the end user to change the use of any room point if required by simply unplugging and re-plugging patch cables and we are happy to help and assist with this over the phone if needed at no costs to the client.

Elecomms are also very proficient in fault finding and rectifying problems with existing data and phone installations and can complete any Cat5e/Cat6 installations not completed by others regardless of size of job and condition they have been left in we are also able to offer a full maintenance service for total peace of mind


Happy Clients

Robert installed my home music system and other electronic gadgets. He has since been called back to update it, improve it and reconfigure it bearing in mind the ever constant changes in technology. He is always diligent, punctual, effective and professional.

Mr D Gearing

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